To download these concerts, at least on my windows machine, it is easiest to right click the image, copy the link and paste it  into your browser and then retrieve the file from my Amazon server. Different systems may behave differently. 

Happy The Man, Live at the Fairfax Theater, Fairfax,VA.

Recorded live  11/07/1975.  This concert was one of our very early dates and appears to be a board recording. The quality is pretty good, and as is often the case in these early concerts, the arrangements are a little different from what would eventually end up on vinyl. I particularly like the version of I Carve The Chariot On The Carousel for Kit's great flute playing and a sort of spooky ambient intro to the piece.

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Happy The Man, Live in Williamsburg, VA.

Recorded live at the Rainbow's End, 4/24/1977.  This concert was one of our college "tour" dates and has a few interesting arrangements of songs not commonly heard. There is an improv at the end titled "Pocket That Per Diem" which was a jam we named a different name each time we did it. There is substantial hiss on the tape which I believe was recorded to cassette. I tried to clean it up, but after several tries felt too much high end was lost in the "fix" so reverted to the original, noisy material. It is what it is!

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Happy The Man, Live in Falls Church, VA.

Recorded live at the State Theater, June 8, 2000. This concert was our first performance after our reunion in 2000. Frank Wyatt, Stan Whitaker, Rick Kennell, David Rosenthal and Ron Riddle are in the lineup. There are several member solos and the arrangements to some of the songs are unique to this performance. The concert is quite long so I am breaking the Backstage download into two parts.

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Kit and Coco, Live , (1981?)

Recorded live at unknown location. this concert was provided by one of our backstage members. I am going to update with more info if I can! The audio quality is not the best, but the show is great and I cannot find any other live recordings of Kit with Coco. Enjoy!

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