Crafty Hands Studio ~ Making Music with Frank Wyatt 

I am a composer, musician, audio engineer, model builder, speaker builder, cabinet maker, and tinkerer in all things that catch my attention for any length of time. Crafty Hands Studio has been around for about Twenty years now (in 2019), and was named after a song I wrote, "Crafty Hands With Glass Spun Beads".  This is my home based project recording studio, built from equipment I have been collecting throughout my career as a performing musician. It is my goal to use this website as a place to share my archives of forty plus years of music, show some reviews of my gear, some "how I do this" project studio tips, and engage in conversation with other music lovers. The studio portion of the website is video based, as I believe a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. If you have a slower computer or limited internet bandwidth, then you may want to let the videos buffer before playing. This will help avoid some playback issues. The free membership level videos are hosted on YouTube. I am going to continue to write and record music in the studio for as long as I can, and will be creating project videos of the work in a "Backstage" area of the website. These Backstage videos will be available in high definition and will be hosted on the Vimeo platform. Backstage members will get updates on the project in progress and an exclusive download of finished compositions. These projects may be solo efforts or include guest artist appearances. I'm also going to offer downloads of the many live Happy The Man and Oblivion Sun concerts I have in my collection. I need the support of my fans and friends to keep things going, but I want to give something back in return. This is what I have come up with; Making Music with Frank Wyatt. My methods and techniques are mostly self taught and, as such, may not be the accepted or correct way, but I've never been too concerned with propriety. I hope you enjoy the site, and my sincere thanks to those who choose to support Crafty Hands with backstage memberships. 

Listen to music! It will make you better ~ Frank